Wellness on the move
Kenko Super Mini
  • 100 per cent magnetic coverage
  • Advanced Far-Infrared technology
  • Handy portable size
Feel the benefits of magnetic technology and temperature control where you need it most.

With the Kenko Super Mini, Nikken introduced a striking concept in Magnetic Technology – EQL – an Equilateral magnetic field that gives precision design and 100 per cent magnetic coverage. Then Nikken took this powerful concept one stage further by adding advanced Far-Infrared technology to create a truly remarkable product.

The Kenko Super Mini fits perfectly against the skin to create a soothing and relaxing magnetic field. Its handy portable size allows you to benefit from its energising properties wherever you are.

For versatility and to ensure a virtually unlimited product life, the Kenko Super Mini’s Far-Infrared discs are removable, with replacement discs available in packs of five.

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