Take a seat
and relax
KenkoSeat Plus
  • Rubberthane core for breathability and ventilation
  • Far-Infrared Technology
  • 100 per cent pure wool covering
From executives to truck drivers, students to computer operators, today we spend more time sitting down than ever before. At Nikken, we believe a seat should not just help you relax, it should also invigorate you, and the KenkoSeat Plus is a direct result of this unique philosophy.

The KenkoSeat® Plus features the same Rubberthane core that gives the Kenkopad® its exceptional qualities of breathability and ventilation. As an added benefit, engineers infused ceramic-reflective material to the seat for the added comfort of Far-Infrared Technology.
Designed with specially placed magnets and covered with 100 per cent pure wool, the KenkoSeat® Plus is ideal for the home, office or car and comfortable in all seasons.

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