Targeted Nutrition for Everyone
Kasai Purple Berries
  • Ingredients include antioxidant-rich chokeberry
  • Wild berry concentrate food supplement
  • In line with the Nikken wholefood philosophy
Kasai offers six carefully targeted products, based on the Nikken wholefood philosophy.  

Kasai Purple Berries is a wild berry concentrate food supplement, which replaces Bio-Directed Nutri-Technology Antioxidant. It contains a blend of chokeberry, elderberry, blueberry and blackcurrant.  

Each serving delivers a minimum 300 ORAC units (a test-tube analysis to measure antioxidants). Chokeberries, in particular, deliver extraordinary ORAC units due to their high concentrations of anthocyanins.  

This product is suitable for vegetarians.

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Targeted Nutrition for Everyone

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