Clean Your Room
Air Wellness Power5 Pro™
  • Unique antibacterial and antiviral filters
  • Removes airborne particles that affect allergy sufferers
  • Pioneering ozone-free process
Utilising several technologies to remove airborne contaminants, the Air Wellness Power5 Pro™ features a carbon filter as well as a revolutionary advanced filtration process that breaks down molecular compounds and organisms, without the use of chemicals or light.  

The Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro™ has unique antibacterial and antiviral properties. Part of its professional-quality filtration system is an antibacterial pre-filter, which traps larger particles and helps to prevent final filter clogs. This product also has an impressive antiviral filter, designed to collect and destroy microscopic contaminants.  

This innovative product uses the absolute standard of excellence in air filtration - a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, identical to those used in laboratories and hospital operating rooms.  

The Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro™ enhances your filtered air with a flow of negative ions in a pioneering ozone-free process called Clean Ion Generation. Ions are charged atoms or molecules, and negative ions attract airborne particles and remove them from the air. These ions are found in abundance in certain natural settings, such as forests and waterfalls.  

Another key benefit of this product is its ability to remove the airborne particles that affect allergy sufferers. It has received endorsements from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and British Allergy Foundation.

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