Three designs: three innovative technologies
Firenze Serpentine Pendant
  • Three renowned Nikken technologies to promote wellness
  • Powerful magnets help to de-stress and restore balance
  • Choose from three exquisite designs
The work of Italian Jewellery designer, Antonio Rosso, the Bella Passione Pendant line is made distinctly Nikken through a combination of three advanced innovations, known as TriPhase Technology. This incorporates advanced Magnetic, Negative-Ion and Far-Infrared technologies.  

Bella Passione Pendants provide full magnetic coverage, with a gauss strength rating of 1,200. Special inserts produce 1,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre, to replicate the calming, negative-ion rich environment found in forest air and near waterfalls. Finally, Far-Infrared Technology absorbs and releases energy wavelengths in the far-infrared range only, to provide a gentle warming effect.   

The ideal blend of form and function, the Firenze Serpentine Pendant is a platinum tone rectangle shape with a black swirl design.

Size:  40 mm high/ 18 mm wide

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