Make exercise part of your day
  • Weighted fitness shoes add a workout to walking
  • Amplify the benefits of physical activity
  • Select the right weight for any activity
Get in your ideal shape with Nikken CardioStrides! More than just fitness shoes, weighted CardioStrides® provide the kind of muscle toning and cardiovascular workout that fitness and medical professionals agree is beneficial for good health.  

Walking in CardioStrides® can even help amplify the benefits of physical activity – increased heart rate, metabolic rate and oxygen intake – to help burn calories!  

Included with CardioStrides® are two removable inserts in different weights, for walking, running or everyday wear. CardioStrides® fitness shoes feature a shock-cushioned sole, padded support, and full inner padding for added comfort.  

With a stylish white design, CardioStrides® are not only good for you, they also look great!
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