Cleaner, Healthier Showers
PiMag Ultra Shower
  • Shower in PiMag water every day
  • Reduce chlorine and contaminants
  • Easily installed in minutes
Make your shower part of your daily wellness routine with Nikken’s PiMag Ultra Shower, and shower in PiMag® water every day of the week!

50 per cent of the chlorine you absorb every day is through showering. A common skin irritant, chlorine is best avoided. This unique product features advanced water filtration that not only removes chlorine, but also reduces heavy metals, sulphites, dirt, sediment and odours. Results can include softer hair, smoother and softer skin, and less dandruff.  

Easily installed to your existing shower, the PiMag® Ultra Shower has a high-quality durable design and a five-way adjustable spray.

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