Triple-layer technology
ThermoWear Thermal Underwear Tops
  • Natural and technologically-advanced fibres
  • Far-Infrared technology
  • Designed for year-round comfort
Advanced technology ensures that our Thermal Underwear not only keeps you warm on chilly nights, but also offers so much more through an innovative construction and Far-Infrared technology.

ThermoWear Thermal Underwear Tops feature three layers of natural and technologically-advanced fibres:

1. Ceramic, reflective fibres for natural warmth and continuous temperature control
2. Special knit layer that draws moisture away from the body
3. Breathable cotton outer layer for softness and comfort

Designed for year-round comfort, wear around the house, as nightwear or under your clothes - the choice is yours!
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ThermoWear Thermal Underwear Bottoms
Triple-layer technology