Exercise Was Never This Easy
CardioStrides Ultra Inserts
  • Weighted inserts add a workout to walking
  • The fastest, easiest way to burn calories and tone muscle
  • Select the right weight for any activity and slot in easily
CardioStrides Ultra contain ergonomic weighted inserts to intensify the muscular and cardiovascular benefit you receive during your daily activities, and help you to burn fat and tone muscle – not just in your legs but all over.

Unweighted Insert (~130 g per insert)
The unweighted insert enables you to use CardioStrides® Ultra as you would a conventional training shoe. The sole simply supports your foot in whatever activity you choose.

Medium Weight Insert (~600 g per insert)
This insert makes your CardioStrides® Ultra ideal for domestic and social activities, providing resistance that is non-disruptive, yet surprisingly beneficial to the user. More active people may find that they can use this insert during cardiovascular exercise.

Heavy Insert (~1 kg per insert)
The heavy insert is designed to transform a simple walk into a calorie burning, muscle toning, cardiovascular workout; the ideal tool for more active people or to develop an existing exercise programme to a new level.
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