The ultimate pillow
KenkoDream Pillow
  • Special air passages ensure maximum ventilation
  • Viscoelastic 'memory' foam for the ultimate in comfort
  • Strategically-placed magnets provide a natural sleep experience
Sleep can be difficult without proper head and neck support, but the KenkoDream Pillow solves this problem. Lay your head back and discover how a pillow should really feel!

The KenkoDream® Pillow fits snugly under your neck and head, with dimpled massaging Rubberthane and viscoelastic ‘memory foam’ for the ultimate in comfort. Strategically placed magnets provide a relaxing and natural sleep experience.

The KenkoDream® Pillow also answers the need for ventilation and cooling, making sleep a comfortable delight. The breathable cover and ceramic tiles deep in the pillow release heat, while special air passages in each layer ensure maximum ventilation.

The advanced technologies featured in the KenkoDream® Pillow result in an exclusively Nikken way to relax and enjoy restful sleep.
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