How to Order

In order to purchase products from this website you must be a registered customer. If you have received an email from a Nikken Consultant inviting you to register, please click on the link on the email and register. You will be able to order as soon as you log on to the site as a registered customer.

If you are new to the site and have not been invited to register, please contact Nikken Customer Services (email or phone 0845 458 2744) who will arrange for you to be emailed by your local Consultant. Please use the link on the email to register, as above.

Once registered, please follow the simple steps below to make your purchases:

1. Click 'Add To Cart' to add an item to your shopping cart.

2. To view your shopping cart, click the Shopping Cart icon in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

3. To adjust the purchase quantity, click the pencil icon next to the item and adjust the quantity

4. To delete the item, click the cross.

5. Click 'Continue Shopping' to return to the product you last viewed.

6. Once all items have been selected, click 'Checkout' and accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

7. Order delivery information is displayed. If you need to amend the delivery address or any other information, please return to the registration area and input changes as necessary.

8. If details are correct, click 'Continue'. Selected items are now checked for availability. Items out of stock will display 'Stock Quantity 0'. We only take payment for items that are in stock and available for shipment and out of stock items will have to be reordered later, so click 'Update' to update shopping cart and purchase available items.

9. Click 'Confirm Order' to proceed to the payment screen.

10. Once payment details have been entered, click 'Submit Order' to pay for the order.

A printable order acknowledgement will be displayed on-screen. We recommend that you print a copy of this and retain order number details in case of queries. We will also send you an order acknowledgement by email as a durable record of the transaction.

You can also view all orders and their current status in 'My Account', in the 'View Orders' section.

We will email you when your order is despatched. The email will include a delivery tracking reference and a link to the website of the relevant carrier, allowing you to track the order. Please allow 24 hours from receipt of the email before tracking your order to allow time for the order to be registered on the carrier's system.