Automatic Shipment programme FAQ

What is the minimum period of subscription?

You subscribe for a minimum of three months.

What type of products are featured in the Automatic Shipment programme?

Typically, Autoship products are consumable items which require replenishment, such as nutritional or skincare items and water filters.

Do you store my credit card details?

Due to the repetitive nature of the transaction, credit card details are securely stored within our database. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

When will the credit card transaction take place for my first order?

The payment will be taken immediately when you have submitted your card details. If your Autoship is declined when you first subscribe, the subscription will not be activated. Please re-subscribe after checking your card details and account.

What happens if my credit card declines for subsequent monthly Autoship orders?

After the initial order, in the event that your credit card purchase is declined and we are unable to take payment for your order, we will send you an email to notify you of the problem.

We will resubmit the order for payment approximately 48 hours after the initial decline to allow you to contact your bank. If the card still declines the current order will be cancelled and the next order will be submitted for payment on the due date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card is valid. The initial minimum three monthly commitment is unchanged. You can still cancel your commitment after the payment date of the third order, even if one of the previous orders was not shipped and cancelled due to declined credit card payment.

When will payment for my monthly Autoship be taken?

If the date when payment for your Autoship is generally taken falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be taken on the first working day after your normal date of payment.

What are the shipping charges on Automatic Shipment orders?

If the total price of your monthly Autoship order exceeds 35.00 incl. VAT it will be shipped to you free of charge. If the total sum is less than 35.00, a freight cost of 5.88 incl. VAT will be charged per order.

What happens if an item on my order is out of stock?

In the unlikely event that an item is out of stock we will ship the remaining items as usual. You will not be billed for the out of stock item. We do not operate a backorder system.

How do I make changes to my Automatic Shipment order?

Select “Edit Autoship” from the Autoship page. The product selection grid will appear showing the items you currently receive in your order. Make the required amendments and continue. These changes will take effect from your next generated order onwards. You can also make changes to your payment card within this option.

How do I cancel an Automatic Shipment programme order?

Simply click on the “Cancel Autoship” button on the Autoship page and follow the instructions.

You will only be able to cancel your order after the minimum contract period of three months has been completed. You can still cancel your commitment after the payment date of the third order, even if one of the previous orders was not shipped and cancelled due to a declined credit card payment.