The Nikken Story

Nikken began in Japan, with a vision of offering a better quality of life through wellness solutions that addressed major concerns of modern living.

This pioneering concept developed into the principle of the Five Pillars of Health and led to our status as world leaders in wellness technology and, at present, you can find Nikken in over 30 countries.

The Birth of a Vision
It was the bumpy floor surface of traditional Japanese hot baths, designed to relax and stimulate the soles of the feet, which inspired the first Nikken product
why not combine an insole that felt like the bath’s pebbled floor with the ancient force of magnetism, respected in the Far East for its invigorating effects?

The year was 1973 and the name of the business, Nikken, is a blend of two Japanese words with special meanings, Nihon and Kenko, meaning Japan and health.
Going to America
Tom Watanabe joined the company in 1984 and became Head of North American Operations when Nikken moved into the US five years later. With five employees and a small leased office on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, Nikken opened its doors.

Optimism ran high. Wherever he looked, Watanabe could see Nikken and the growing range of products making a difference. From town to town, training and motivating of new Consultants spread the wellness concept across the US and into Canada (1992) and Mexico (1993).

The Golden Touch 
In 1996, Nikken began operations in Europe from its Milton Keynes base in the United Kingdom. Once again the company opened from a small base but quickly spread across national boundaries. By the end of 1996, both the United Kingdom and Sweden had joined the Nikken family of nations. The following year, the company expanded into Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, and strengthened operations in Spain and Portugal.

France joined the Nikken family in 1998, with Finland and Ireland the following year. New products were also added as Nikken continued to spread across the globe.

In 1999, the exclusively-designed $66 million Nikken world headquarters reached completion in the newly developed Irvine Spectrum area of southern California. Nikken Europe has continued to expand across Europe into Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

A Global Scope 
Nikken has become a global enterprise, reaching out to many nations with its noble philosophy and innovative products.

People all over the world are embracing the Five Pillars of Health and the Nikken Wellness Home, and are discovering a new and energised approach to living through our innovative products, one to one service and our easy to follow, easy to achieve business opportunity.

Nikken’s vision for the future focuses on the fact that the opportunity of wellness lifestyles is available to anyone, wherever you may be.


Nikken is established in Fukuoka, Japan.
The first Magsteps magnetic insoles, later to become KenkoInsoles, are sold in Japan.

Nikken starts selling the Kenkopad, forerunner of today’s Nikken Sleep System.


Tom Watanabe joins Nikken Japan as Director of Training.


Tom Watanabe is made Head of North American Operations. Nikken USA begins operations.

Tom Watanabe becomes President and CEO.


North American headquarters opens in Irvine, California.


Anthony Chaplin joins Nikken in the UK to establish European operations. 
Nikken opens in Sweden.


Nikken expands into the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


Nikken opens in France.


Nikken opens in Finland and Ireland.
Nikken moves into its $66 million World Headquarters in Irvine, California.


Nikken opens in Austria.


Nikken opens in Norway.
European headquarters are established in larger premises in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.


Nikken opens in Switzerland.
During a meeting at 10 Downing Street, London – Cherie Blair (wife of Prime Minister, Tony Blair) is presented with a selection of Insoles.
Nikken opens offices in Germany to support the growing number of German-speaking Consultants.


Nikken opens in Denmark and Belgium.
The PiMag Water System is launched into the European market.


Nikken opens in Russia, Romania and Hungary.


Nikken opens in Turkey and Poland
Seisho, KenkoComfort Deluxe, the PiMag Ultra Shower and Nikken Essential Balance are launched into the European market


Nikken Cookware, new jewellery and CardioStrides are launched into the European market