The Essence of Nikken

Would you like to discover new alternatives for living? An opportunity to enjoy all that nature has to offer and the freedom to reach your potential?

Nikken is a company that was founded on a unique idea. Other companies sell a product or service – what we offer is a better quality of life. Our carefully researched products, the Nikken Wellness Home concept and the Nikken philosophy of the Five Pillars of Health ensure that our vision is a reality for people across the globe.

Our company is the embodiment of a vision that the way to Total Wellness is to achieve balance in life. This includes not only physical wellbeing, but also the Nikken concept known as the Five Pillars of Health. Total Wellness requires a state of being that is perfectly balanced upon these Five Pillars.

Healthy body
Striving to improve or maintain physical wellness is an integral part of living. Nikken’s focus is nutrition, exercise, restful sleep and freedom from discomfort, and its products are based on addressing these issues of everyday modern living.

Healthy mind
A mind free from the distractions of physical discomfort or financial concern can allow a person to live up to their greatest potential. A healthy mind offers emotional balance and wellbeing, benefiting us personally as well as our family and friends.

Healthy family
Healthy individuals are the building blocks of healthy families and relationships. A sense of caring for each individual is a vital component in Nikken’s philosophy, which is why our products and vision are based around the family.

Healthy society
Just as the family is the backbone of society, the extended Nikken family is ever aware of its potential to make a positive impact on society. Nikken understands that part of its role is to support, enhance and improve every aspect of the communities we live in.

Healthy finances
In an era that has renewed respect for the entrepreneurial spirit, Nikken believes everyone has the right to attain long-lasting financial security, personal empowerment and a completely fulfilled lifestyle. To act on this belief, Nikken presents the ideal opportunity to create that success.

Nikken – Discover it. Live it.

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